Shortly after Jennifer Childs began creating The Women and Comedy Project, she had a dream about becoming her mother.  She awoke and wrote the dream down as a poem.  Reflecting on it, she began to wonder what other people’s “Mom Dreams” might look like.


She asked the women involved in It’s My Party, a theatrical culmination of the project,  to write a poem using the basic structure of hers.  The entire cast quickly realized that something very special was happening in the short lines of memory that they shared.  Some funny, some brazen, some reflective—all honest.


Prior to the play's world premiere, we  invited friends and fans of the company to add their voices and share their own “Mom Dreams.”  We received over a hundred responses and transformed each one into a poster. This has been an overwhelming experience and we invite you all to take some time and view the gallery.


Thank you to everyone who contributed a poem and became a part of this exciting project. Please add your name to our mailing list  (in the upper right corner of this website) to kept abreast of all 1812 Productions’ new and upcoming projects, as well as future Women and Comedy Project productions.




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